Designed for performance

The Spirax Sarco RediHeat is a steam to water heater that incorporates a unique feed-forward temperature control system to instantly produce hot water within +/-4ºF of the set temperature under widely varying demands.

This outstanding performance makes the RediHeat the ideal solution for hot water applications where tight temperature control and instant response to changes in demand are required.

Engineered for reliability

The RediHeat is quick to install, easy to use, simple to maintain and resistant to the harsh service of varying demand loads.

Benefits include:

  • Simple Mechanical Design- requires no extraneous power sources, controls or temperature sensors making installation a snap
  • Energy Efficient - saves as much as 40% in energy costs when compared to a hot water tank system
  • Security – blending valve has a fail-safe design and optional double-wall tubes are available to eliminate the risk of cross contamination between steam and water
  • Heavy Duty – rugged casing and bourdon tube configuration allows the entire assembly to expand and contract without localized stress
  • Self-Descaling - any scale that has hardened on the inside of the tubes is broken up by the changing shape of the coil
  • Anti-Bacterial – feed forward design requires no water storage reducing the risk of legionella and other contaminants
  • Compact – this is important when space is at a premium
  • Easy Maintenance - due to the helical design removal is easy and does not require the withdraw space typical with other shell and tube designs