Spirax Sarco, Inc. Introduces SP400 and SP500 Positioners

The ultra-efficient new design makes the smart digital positioners leaner and greener

Spirax Sarco is helping instrumentation users reduce their energy consumption with their ultra-efficient new SP400 and SP500 positioners. These new smart digital positioners consume approximately 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner and have class-leading low impedance helping to save on controller power.

For many instrumentation users the complexity of some digital valve positioners can be frustrating when only basic features are required. Spirax Sarco has responded to the market need for a simple, easy-to-use digital smart positioner with the new SP400.

The SP400 has a very simple menu system and can perform an auto-stroke calibration at the press of a single button resulting in reduced commissioning time.

For those users who require more functionality, Spirax Sarco has introduced the new SP500, a full featured smart digital positioner with optional retransmission of valve position; software switches, ability to use a separate 24 Vdc power supply and communications protocols as well as diagnostics. The SP500 benefits from having a similar user interface to its SP400 stable mate and is also very user friendly.

Contact your local Spirax Sarco representative to assist you in matching the most appropriate smart digital positioner to fit your specific needs.

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